Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Very Bountiful Basket!

Holy Hannah. Standing in line outside in freezing, windy weather was NO FUN on Saturday morning. But I felt duly rewarded when I saw the amazing bounty awaiting me in my Bountiful Basket! Check out all this great produce!

4 oranges
4 Bosc pears
6 kiwis
2 lbs bananas
2 pomegranates
1 lb. brussels sprouts
2 3-lb bags of apples
4 ears of corn
1 head of broccoli
1 head of cauliflower
7 tomatoes
1 bunch of red lettuce

I didn't even find all the things that I got at WalMart, so I didn't do such a good job of pricing everything like I did last week. However, according to the calculations with what was there, I estimate that I got $25-30 worth of produce for $15! That's quite a steal, yes?


I was quite ecstatic about the pomegranates. I've never bought one before in my life. In fact, I think I've only tasted one once. They are quite expensive, and I'm too cheap to pay $1 or more for one piece of fruit at the regular supermarket. But with Bountiful Baskets, I can enjoy this luxurious, mysterious piece of beauty without guilting myself over the price! Happiness!

So now I get to plan my family's dinner and lunch menu around these great ingredients. If you had my Bountiful Basket to cook with this week, what would you make? I'd love to hear some of your great ideas!

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  1. Knowing what food was purchased, prepared, and served in our house, you are clearly "branching out" in your diet. And I still want to know if you ate (and liked) the mushrooms in an earlier Bountiful Basket...