Saturday, January 21, 2012

Currently, I'm...(Part 2)

This is day 21 of my Journaling through January series

Make another list of "currently's." Currently listening to, wearing, feeling, wanting, needing, thinking, enjoying, praying.

Listening to: The heater running. My baby chewing on a toy--it's squeaking against his gums! The winds outside howling and rattling our windows and walls.  :)

Wearing: A green-and-white striped sweater, blue jeans, slippers. Nice and comfy for Saturday morning.

Feeling: Hungry. Breakfast is still in the works.

Wanting: A Jamba Juice. Peanut Butter Moo'd with strawberries instead of bananas. Can you say perfectly delightful?! Too bad we live 30 miles away from Jamba!

Needing: To eat more vegetables and to exercise. I've been woefully delinquent in these necessary obligations this week!

Thinking: About George Washington. I just finished reading a great biography on him. Man, he was a cool guy!

Enjoying: The weekend. Aaaaahhhh, so nice...

Praying: That I can learn to be less argumentative. My words and my voice need a kindness makeover.

There's your snapshot of my life right now! I'd love to hear your currently's! Do leave comments!

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