Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is day 22 of my Journaling through January series.

Write about what friendship means to you. Make a plan for how you can strengthen your friendships this year.

I do have a "plan," of sorts, for how I want to strengthen my friendships this year. There are so many incredible women in my neighborhood that I would like to make friends with. We are starting a book group, and I feel like that will be the perfect way for me to strengthen my friendship with them.
Surprisingly, none of my attempts to write about what friendship means to me have worked. I've been sitting here writing and erasing, writing and erasing, for nearly an hour now. Words like kindness, patience, and selflessness come to mind, but I don't know what to do with those words. There are also two phrases in my mind, and their proper placement and expression eludes me. They are:
  1. Friendship makes life beautiful, like flowers in a garden.
  2. Offering someone my friendship is like offering them a piece of my heart.
My inspiration stops there. Would you like to help me write the meaning of friendship? What does friendship mean to you? What are the ways you like to strengthen your friendships?

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