Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: A Dilemma

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the return of Thoughtful Thursday. And, sadly, I don't really have anything brilliant or thought-provoking for my comeback. Instead, I have a question. And I really need some help answering it, so if you're reading this post, I hope you will share your thoughts!

So. Here's my dilemma. I keep running out of steam by about this time every week. I always start each week with fresh resolve and courage: I set my goals, I roll up my sleeves, and I get started. Monday and Tuesday are usually great days--I'm busy with my goals and projects and I'm content. On Wednesday, I can feel myself start slipping, but it's still usually a good, productive day. By Thursday, however, I've had it. I cringe at washing the dishes, I dread making yet another healthy dinner, and the Cheerios littering my kitchen floor (thanks to a baby who is still in practice-feeding mode) just make me mad. I still manage to get things done, but the happy-go-lucky attitude is long gone. By Friday, I've pretty much given up. If I get anything done, it's a miracle, and I feel like I deserve a Purple Heart or something. Then, thankfully, Saturday and Sunday come, resetting my internal systems to gear me up for another shot at a new week.

 I don't necessarily think I'm piling too much stuff onto my plate. Even when I'm motivated to accomplish my goals and projects, I still save plenty of time for watching Star Trek and tickling Noah. So what is it I'm missing? How can I keep that proverbial saw sharp and ready to face each new day with the right amount of determination? What are some things you do to turn the daily grind into the daily joys? How do you turn "just surviving" into "thriving?

Maybe I need to look at this on a more elementary level. Maybe the question I needs to ask is not about maintaining the same enthusiasm all week long. Instead, maybe I need to ask if it is right to expect the same enthusiasm to be there on a daily basis at all. C. S. Lewis talks about how man's faith in God goes through natural cycles of peaks and troughs, and the best way for faith to grow is to learn how to make the best of each point in the cycle. Can the same be said for my enthusiasm problems? There you go. I guess things did get a little philosophical today, after all.

Well, like I said before, tomorrow is the day I feel like a martyr for doing all the stuff I have need get to do. I welcome any tips from you to help my day go better!


  1. What a nice blog. I enjoyed reading this entry. I hope you won't think me intrusive to comment, but it seems that is what you desire.

    My first thought is: You are amazing. I wish I could make it until Thursday. ;) My second thought is: You are getting significant dose of something that you need on Saturday and Sunday that you don't get enough of the rest of the week. I don't know that everyday can be loaded with enthusiasm, but I think most days should have some. The fact that there is a distinct pattern to your motivation suggests it isn't just the normal ebbs and flows of life. I think those are more random and associated with additional trials or lack of trials. I would suppose, if you add a little of the stuff that sustains you and fills your reservoir on the weekend to your Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then you will be able to make it until Saturday. What fills you up on those days is, however, unknown to me.

    I think it is different for everyone; for me it is different each week. Sometimes, I need more adult interaction. Other times, I need an additional article from the Ensign or more scripture study or to make sure that those things are happening in general. I also find serving someone outside of my family can work. However, doing something nice that for someone in my family (that is additional to what I have been doing) is often what I need. It really just varies for me. Often, a big motivator for me, is just being still and grateful for what I have. If that is difficult, because I am in a self-pity spiral, then the visual of smiling, happy, poverty-stricken orphans in Africa can act as a motivator. The biggest help for me, though, when I am all the way to martyr status is to laugh. I find if I can see the humor or laugh at a floor covered with cheerios the laughter goes a long way. It takes practice. Sometimes, it takes imagining something silly with it, but laughing does help me.

    Just a few thoughts as to what is uplifting to me. The trick is definitely finding out what it is in the weekend that gets you so full you could burst.

    Having said all that, though, I really do think you are a neat lady. I admire you and I hope you aren't too hard on yourself. What you are feeling is normal. Sometimes, it is just nice to hear we are normal. You are definitely above normal, so I would suppose that is even nicer to hear.

    I don't often post to blogs, so I will post this as anonymous, but I thought you had a right to know this poorly written post is being brought to you by Holly Francis . . . and the letter D.

  2. It's a beautiful, sunny day. Bundle up and get some sunshine! Take Noah for a walk and get some vitamin d. I find a little sunshine always renews my motivation. But seriously though, you are doing great and what you are feeling is sooooo normal! I think we as stay at home moms forget to take a mental day for ourselves and really, its OK! Call up a friend or read a book. You deserve a little "me" time now and then. I struggle with peaks and valleys every day. But I figure, my kids a fed, happy, and they need to be able to entertain themselves a little. Find something to do that you don't normally do. Sometimes I just need to get out of the house and go for a drive or something. I think you are doing great and shouldn't punish yourself too much! With that said- I guess its time for me to get up and get something done! Good luck! (Aunt Sam!)

  3. Lol, I love your advice and encouragement! Reading them makes me smile a lot!!! I think you are both so right! Anonymous 1, I love your observations on doing more of the stuff I usually reserve for Saturdays and Sundays throughout the week. Anonymous 2, you are so right about sunshine! I do take walks occasionally, when it's warm (as in 40 degrees warm, haha). I should do more of that.

    It's so nice to know I'm not alone in the peaks and valleys cycle! :)

  4. I can relate to so much of what you said. Really. :) I used to struggle a lot with just "surviving." The simple secret to my every day sanity is to accept what is going on at each given moment. I pick a couple of things that I really want to accomplish each day, along with what I simply must, then I do my best to make it happen. If things (out of my control) pop into the equation and therefore my plan gets wrecked, I have learned to let it go. I am not superwoman, and no one really is. I let it go and allow myself to rest, accepting that if I didn't get all that I wanted done, I will have another chance tomorrow. :)

    New follower via the Restless Hop

    1. Courtney, I've had some of the same thoughts about just going with the flow. However, I am far away from mastering this. My husband is terrific at it, and sometimes it baffles me how he can just take everything in stride. I really need to work on it, for sure! And I honestly love having a new day to start again. Thanks for following and sending me this great reminder!