Monday, February 13, 2012

Miscellany Monday: Spring Cleaning, Crawling, Valentines Day, and More!

It's the start of another week! Huzzah! Here are a few miscellaneous things on my mind:

  1. I'm especially excited for the next few days, mostly because of Valentine's Day. It's my turn to plan (we switch off--one year I plan Valentine's and he plans our anniversary, and the next year it switches), and I am quite proud of my creativity. I hope to post about my brilliant plans in the near future!
  2. To go along with V-day, I am posting a special craft for my second Tutorial Tuesday. I hope you'll like it!
  3. Our Bountiful Baskets haul was AMAZING this week! Asparagus, broccoli, oranges, pears, apples, an eggplant (hmmm....), and a pineapple are just a few treasures from my basket. I think my dinnertime creativity has really taken off lately, thanks to our weekly Bountiful Basket. Having so much fresh produce on hand really makes me plan our dinners around vegetables, which means we are usually getting our daily 5. I think this might be the first time in my life this is consistently happening. Sad, I know.
  4. We got our tax refund this week! We were able to use a portion of it to pay off our hospital bills from Noah's birth. Tyler keeps joking that Noah is officially "ours" now. It feels great to get that debt out of the way. Probably just as exciting about our tax return (at least, for me) is that we get to buy an actual couch for our living room! Right now, we seat our guests on a futon. It's comfy, but it's not too exciting. I'm looking forward to a good 'n' proper couch. :)
  5. I love how Tyler makes me laugh every day. He is so good at it. That's all.
  6. Noah is this close (two fingers squinched together) to full-on crawling! I can't believe it! Just in the last two days he's learned to get his knees under him and rock back and forth with his little bum in the air. It's so darn precious! I will be investing in baby gates soon.
  7. Spring cleaning.'s my first year with my own house to clean. We have a big house for such a small family. A big house with lots of baseboards, vents, windows, floors, carpets, light fixtures....and guess whose little fanny gets to clean it all??? Me! I was trying to think of the easiest plan of attack, one that would not make me spend all my precious free time (aka naptime) up to my elbows in suds for the next two weeks. Unfortunately, such a plan would, by my calculation, keep me "spring cleaning" until July. I suppose I should just bite the bullet and take the two-week route. Any suggestions?
That concludes this week's exciting episode of Miscellany Monday! Tune in next week! This is Sarah, signing out.


  1. Hooray for geting that hospital bill out of the way and a new couch! Go Noah - on the move.

    1. Yep, I'm pretty happy about all of those things, too. Thanks!