Monday, February 27, 2012

Miscellany Monday: Angels and Demons and Spring

1. I finished Angels and Demons this weekend. It was fun to read a real page-turner again. Lots of the books on my reading list demand more ponderous treatment, and when I read a lot of those in a row (something I've been doing a lot lately), I forget what it feels like to truly lose oneself in a good, thrilling plot.

Do you want to know what's sad about my Angels and Demons experience? I've seen the movie before,  and though I didn't really remember a whole lot from it (remembering movie plots is not one of my strong points), I remembered who the villain was. So I kept that in mind as I read, looking for giveaways in the character's conversation and actions. However, the author did SUCH a great job convincing me he was a good guy, I actually bought it. I told myself I must have been remembering wrong, that the villain was someone else entirely. Guess who felt dumb when the truth came out in the last thirty pages? Yeah, that would be me...

2. Spring Cleaning. For real. This week. Blah. Wish me luck...

3. Speaking of spring, I'm so ready for this half-hearted winter to die.
That, my friends, is all. My Monday musings are short and few, but I hoped you enjoyed them anyway.

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