Friday, March 16, 2012


Ok, expert moms. I need some advice. Thanks to all those wonderful 8-9 month developments Noah's made lately, he's much more able to keep himself awake during naps.

Standing up, crawling, rolling around, talking to himself, crying--this kid has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve to keep himself awake instead of napping.

At best, he'll sleep for 30-40 minutes and then cry.

And cry.

I know he needs more sleep than this, because he's usually grouchy when I get him up. Grouchy, touchy, and whiny.

I really miss the days of 1-2 hour long naps. Will they ever come back?

You moms have been there before. What did you do to help your baby learn to nap again?

For the record, I love this little guy so much! I mean, how could you resist this face?

Thank heaven for little boys.

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